Artisan; Noun: a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

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I am an artist. Starting my career in make up design and hairdressing at the King's Theatre, Scotland, I have since built a solid career across the UK and South Asia, becoming a respected figure in the creative arts and media.  As a skilled make up designer, I have integrated the photography skills I have earned over the years to create editorial content alongside behind the scenes images for film and TV projects.  

With a reputation for clean, simple, commercial make up, I have worked extensively in film, TV, fashion and print, as an all round media make up designer, having worked across mediums, I now consult for a variety of film and TV companies as well as magazines across Europe, South Asia and the USA. 

I am as comfortable in front of the camera, as behind the scenes, successfully appearing as a character actor in a variety of projects. My work includes a variety of editorial, web commercials and extensive works in the arts, fashion and film marketing.

Building on this and working to support new talent, my work is evolving to encompass other areas with my skills now in demand as a consultant artist for film and as creative director the lost project.  Working with a selection of actors and writers I am now developing film and TV projects as well as working on the development of art books.

"Makeup is an art form, makeup artistry is my business."