published work

Two more articles and a third pending to be published, I think this is going to be a hectic end of month to get things done. 

I am very excited about it all and plan to do at least  two more shoots before the end of the month.  One model is already booked and we will be setting the dates this week. 

So its time to start casting again and look for someone new, I want to do something different and have been checking out those videos again on youtube to get some ideas.  

Over the next few days I have some business to wrap up and then I want to take a break with my business partner to start work on the scripts for a TV project that I have been batting around with Lost project and Raj Srivastava.   The offers and requests are coming in but you know what I like having this level of control over my business and how things proceed and I really want to work on that to a new level. 

Here are some previews of the work so far that has been published: