Small steps

It's been an insanely busy week and I decided with the team at lost dreams, that it's time to take a breather. Yes it's been exciting and stressful, with so much change all coming in at once. 

Plus notes are just the sheer volume of work that I've had published came to light, I've been extremely fortunate to have been able to connect with amazing magazines and online creators such as world fashion media and news magazine and of course Mr Joel, who set me on the path to writing and shooting solo.   

 Each magazine has offered creative feedback that has allowed me to grow and build something new. 

 My new appointment as beauty editor for trend prive was a revelation and will open a host of new options as well.  Creatively with the lost dreams collective on side and my partner in business raj, over in Mumbai, who is coming to the table with something new all the time in terms of script ideas to develop, has been a combination of stress and happy simply with his enthusiasm. 

 I never thought I would have been going back down the fashion route in this manner but I have to admit I am enjoying every moment.  This of course will not stop me from pursuing film and TV, or developing projects for 2018. 

Part of me was really excited about readdressing the idea of a channel but it looks like this is not to be.  


Its been a hard time and I've worked hard to create the business with my team, and don't let anything fool you that it's easy, as I sit here on a Friday night tired, dull in pj's writing and sketching, this is not a glamorous job.  

Would I change it? Not for a second  I love my work and having the business and reworking it with a jaded eye aimed outside the UK is the whole point I want to expand and explore options.  

Over the next few months I plan to find a new office space for the future of the lost dreams collective and to make things easier, we are also discussing a trip to Europe (more on this later) and London, with a possibility of studio work for a few macro beauty shoots.   

The future is jamesc and lost dreams combined creatively to bring a whole host of new features and benefits to expand on our current plans and slated projects.