2018 and changing your business

Alot of people are on social media talking about changing up their business and going in a new direction.  Especially here in Scotland where that has been some major upheaval on the business front.  

business planning

So what does this mean?  Are you going to rethink your marketing? Update and change your website?  If you want to move from bridal to editorial and fashion, what are you doing to change that?  Moving toward a career in film and TV have you researched the requirements?  

Lets take some time to look at facts. 

  • Self employment in any form is a difficult route to take and has been diluted by the desire to take control over your life and work.  What does that mean you as an artist? 
  • Establishing yourself as an artist what was your aim and goal?
  • Do you have a 5 year plan or is this just an arbitrary decision based on the fact your doing well in a small sector and want to expand based on a small skill set that is niche.    
  • Are you planning to take professional training?  Are you aware of the changes that will be required to work in a new sector? 
  • Going from bridal to fashion and event means you are no longer able to work half days, your doing long hours and unless your are the primary artist, the choices are not yours, your being given a brief.  Unlike private clients who are more flexible.  

Working in film and TV is a HUGE sacrifice, you can be working 12 hours plus a day, you cannot dictate the hours or for that matter your start and finish times.  So you need to ask is this suitable for you as an artist?  Will it fill your lifestyle or require major changes and sacrifices? 

Everything is about changes and skills are transferable within reason.  We also need to take into account experience and qualification to suit the job. 

JamesC and the lost project (currently on fb website pending) are about supporting and mentoring artists who want to make those changes.  

Planning is a long term issue and needs to be addressed if you want to have a successful business.