Zero Justice film and much more

Over the next few months, I will be working with the Lost Project team and Tanezcor films toward finalizing the feature film Zero Justice to be shot in Spain. 

Zero Justice film

This means over the next few months I will be traveling a lot, I have to admit that I missed being on set and sitting in Scotland has driven me insane, so being able to get back into a film is a major plus for me and will give some nice exclusives for my magazine contacts.  

I will be starting the process of designing for the two feature film projects and giving consideration to how I will fill out the makeup department on the project in Europe. 

Nepal is finalized and I will be traveling soon to join the team, this one I am excited about as the potential, the director, cast and crew are stellar.  

For more details on Zero Justice see the campaign details. 

Zero Justice film campaign.  

invest in a set bag

When I talk about investing in a set bag I don't mean as a cool way to carry your kit around.  I mean as a tool to use on set, use it for the intended purpose.  

The purpose of a set bag is to carry "on set" the makeup and tools that are required for touch-ups.  You use it to carry the items you need to do touch-ups and the size of the bag will depend on the scale of the jobs you're doing.  I personally have two (I will be adding a third soon), it's about the practicalities of working. 

The small bag is for when I am shooting a single model or a smaller gig, I bought mine from Get Set Go.  

My Medium bag (from Screenface) is used when I am on a film set and need a little more space to carry kit onto the set.  

In the next few weeks, I am planning to add the Mykitco backstage buddy, the reasoning being it will be practical for my next two films, yes I will take my small bag with me for my assistant to use.  

Practicalities being that I can carry the items I need for touch-ups such as powder, brushes and a palette, perhaps even glue.  I will not, however, use it to carry the full kit on a train or a plane.  It's ostentatious and showy, I am not interested in explaining my kit as I travel.  I want it stored in a case so I can just pick what I need without having to unpack everything so I can have the things I need on hand.  I will use it as intended.  

If you are all about the show and your clients are of the type that needs it, then go for it.  For me it's about practicalities not showing off.  

Film moments

It all started with a single word: Hello. 

it all starts with hello

That's how I find much of the business I do.  Especially the films, when someone is checking out my business on LinkedIn or any other social media forum, this can and does include groups, I check into them.  I send a message to say hello and make an effort to introduce myself and my work.  

Simple.  Right? 

Its all about the marketing.  I have been able to secure some amazing gigs and build a rapport with people across different genres of the industry and with different backgrounds.  Which has opened doors to magazines and film projects. 

Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference.  

Editorial, behind the scenes and other things

I am a big blogger now thanks to my websites easier to use platform and I do enjoy the extra support it allows me to offer my clients in terms of PR.  

Over the weekend I am planning to do something new with the team over at Equilibrium clothing.  Something I have been talking about doing for a while is behind the scenes videos and with my fun little bridge camera (a worthwhile investment) I will be doing that for my next few shoots. 

Alongside the team at the Lost Project, we have been working on the development of some of the PR and its gratifying to say that The Territory of Dust, has been making small steps toward reaching their goal and the team are in regular contact over this.  

Jim Manclark one of our favourite directors to work with announced that his first film Mystery Shopper has now been accepted to two film festivals.  Everyone is very excited and the second comedy piece he has written called The Tourists has been filmed and is now in the edit suite getting prepped for entry.  


Beauty Editor moment

I have to admit that I am extremely lucky to have the support I do when it comes to being a beauty editor.  House of iKons has given me access to some amazing designers and allowed me to build articles around their work and create a buzz about the work that is astonishing to me. 


Something I am really keen to do now is getting some smaller brands on board to create some new articles about makeup again, which to be fair was my original job.  

So far I have gone out and contacted a few different brands and I am now planning to do articles on their ranges.  This will include the amazingly talented Sian Richard of London Brush Company, Antonio Ferran brushes, Poise makeup and possibly some companies that sell pigments. 

I am really keen to do pieces on small brands to create some buzz and support independent companies.  We are also discussing product placement options and do have film projects that are open to having placement options in their projects.  

If you would be interested in having an article published then contact The Lost project team who manage my work for me.  

Tanezcor Films

I am very excited to announce I will join the team at Tanzecor films for the production of "The Territory of Dust," currently working on their crowdfunding and trailer, this spaghetti western is set to be shot in Spain with an international cast and crew that will include myself as head of makeup.  

Finishing off some the trailer segments, they will tour this on the festival circuit to showcase the film and build some support. 

"A story about retired deputy Joe Henriksen and his son Tony who put their lives at risk to make a stance against slave trading. There is a purely evil man standing in their way - Frank McCoffin, the owner of the gold mine, who does not hesitate to fight for what belongs to him! Frank is a very territorial cold blooded killer! It is a story about gold prospectors, slavery and the law-men, about the dreams, greed, and compassion."

The Lost Project team will be handling elements of the PR and marketing and we are discussing product placement for the makeup department so if any brands are interested contact the team at to discuss.  

This is set to be a big year for the team and of course me, and I am looking forward to being a part of this project.  

For more details on the film, you can see the current trailer (Sadly I was not part of this) which included further details on the company and links to their campaign page.