Explaining the JamesC business

I saw a very interesting post by a Scottish makeup artist on Instagram breaking down the elements of her business and why she charges what she does and it rang a bell with me.  

JamesC redefining the work

When people look at my business they make the mistake in thinking its all about the glamour and the articles that go out or the social media side of the work I do. What you don't see is the massive amount of time I spend on the other elements of my work.  

For the moment I have just had to hold off on my plans to shoot new website content for the simple lack of time, around 75% of my work is on the consultation side and I provide a variety of different aspects to that including: 

  •  Artist representation and PR
  • Brand management services including PR and articles
  • Editorial and Advertorial services

This means I can be doing anything from providing makeup services to shooting the images as a part of the package.  A lot of my time is spent focusing on taking brands and writing for them.  Another aspect that is often overlooked or ignored is the promotion of indie brands such as makeup lines or film and TV projects.  My social media and SEO skills have had to improve drastically since I joined the Trend Prive Magazine team. 

What will be changing is how this is approached since the majority of my client base is in London and across South Asia I am giving serious consideration to moving to somewhere warmer that will be an easier commute or at least lower my cost of living.  

What will be changing over the next few months is how business is undertaken and moved forward and what services will be offered: 

PR and marketing will increase and shoots will be controlled and managed by myself and the team from the Lost project.  

Shoots will be built around my own skill set and makeup and photos WILL be a JamesC endeavor.

  • Assistants will be assistants and credited as such.  Consideration will go into taking on long-term team members.  
  • Contracts and release forms will be required for each new job. 
  • 75-80% of the shoots will be shot in London or outside of the UK.  Simply for the ease of work.  

This not to say I don't want to work in Scotland but I will not be pursuing it as heavily as in previous years.  Not because this is a bad place but because I am not interested in weddings and occasions makeup and want to focus on advertising, commercial and film/TV.  Simply because I can I will also do editorial and PAY for the placement of my work in good magazines or look at the prospect of creating my own alongside the Film and TV projects we as a team are planning.  

JamesC will also be looking at bringing in a brush line as well as doing more behind the scenes work to show how the brand works.  


New Wave Marketing

One of the things I advocate heavily is the use of online magazines and behind the scenes captures.  The reasoning behind this is simple: 

new wave marketing
  • With online magazines, the demographic reach is much larger than print (potentially) with the added bonus of longevity.  
  • Behind the scenes, both stills and video can be used as proof that the work is your own, which sadly is necessary.  It also has the benefit of being usable as a marketing tool.  

 In terms of new wave marketing both myself and my team are looking at ways of utilizing YouTube and online magazines as well as the other social media platforms to create a different form of advertising. 

Now I know some of you will be saying this has been the case for at least ten years, however, many people don't use this effectively and we are now looking at ways to integrate this into the business as a whole. 

A whole host of planning is being put in place to move forward the makeup side of the business and will be adding in elements of product placement and we are talking to brands about integration into the work we are doing.  In actual fact speaking to one of the brands it's a common practice but overused as many of the people asking for it don't have a plan or cannot show any structure that justifies the request for support.  

The next few months will be fun as we push in a different direction and work to showcase not only the JamesC brand but our work with a few select clients on PR and marketing. 

Lola Makeup News

I have to say I am really excited about this, I have been working with the Lola makeup team in London on articles and they have been really generous about supporting this offering up support for each piece and sharing the details across social media.

blusher lola

As an expansion on this, they are offering me a major support package and additional PR which I am really happy about, the plan is to support several shoots and video work I have planned whilst my travel arrangements have been reshuffled (again).  

What this means is that Lola has offered me access to the range and will be a part of the shoots as a sponsor which is an amazing offer and I am extremely thankful for the support.  

To be supported by a brand is an honour and of course something I am really proud of and I am happy to be able to put this in place for my clients and of course the brand.  

Lola has a fantastic reputation for their makeup and have supported such shows as Britain's next top model season 12 and is a huge brand partner for the wedding shows in London, so for them to come to the table and work with me is something I am taking on with great pride.  

Pretty soon I will be opening my pro account with the brand so I can offer more of the range to my clients.  

Professional changes

In the last 6 to 8 months I have been completely redefining my business and working with my contacts, brands and of course, magazines to bring a whole new dimension to the work being put out. 

success is within your reach

One of the things that I have always maintained is that business is business and needs to be treated with reverence,  in terms of what is coming I am taking sidesteps and risks with reaching out to companies for articles and discussing PR. 

Now I appreciate every PR package that I get sent, I mean wow!  I have been lucky about the support and beautiful gifts that I have received in thanks for my articles.  It has also allowed me to give an extra dimension to my work on those projects that do come my way in terms of film and TV. 

And that is why I do it.  People value the work I do and what I offer, I treat the whole thing as a package deal and business transaction.  Which the brands love because of the legitimising of the deal.  

I spend time on calls and talking to brand managers, PR departments and building a relationship that will benefit us both.  That's what its all about: building a rapport.  Over time I will be completely changing the nature of my business and while I am proud of my skills as a makeup artist, I think I will be doing more production crew work and taking on projects that interest me or allow me to travel. 

With this in mind, I have started negotiations with a brand and will meet with them in July, to see if there is scope for me to work with them long term, this is what I do, this is a career for me and the direction has changed over the course of years, that's natural, but I am open to it and it ties in with my previous blog about intrinsic value. 

Mentoring will b something I give serious consideration to over the next few months and possibly in time more creative management with the Lost project.  The strength of my contacts, the ethos of my work and the sheer determination to get to the point I want to reach is helped and supported by my family and friends.  

Building on the past 20 years, the next 20 will be even bigger.  



Beauty Editor moment

I have to admit that I am extremely lucky to have the support I do when it comes to being a beauty editor.  House of iKons has given me access to some amazing designers and allowed me to build articles around their work and create a buzz about the work that is astonishing to me. 


Something I am really keen to do now is getting some smaller brands on board to create some new articles about makeup again, which to be fair was my original job.  

So far I have gone out and contacted a few different brands and I am now planning to do articles on their ranges.  This will include the amazingly talented Sian Richard of London Brush Company, Antonio Ferran brushes, Poise makeup and possibly some companies that sell pigments. 

I am really keen to do pieces on small brands to create some buzz and support independent companies.  We are also discussing product placement options and do have film projects that are open to having placement options in their projects.  

If you would be interested in having an article published then contact The Lost project team who manage my work for me.  

House of iKons

With just two days too go until the February show for House of iKons, I am doing the last few details and prep work.  My kit will be cleaned, the bags packed and I will be travelling overnight to London.  

House of iKons

One of the things I am looking forward to is being back on a show again, its been a long time since I covered a fashion show in any shape or form.  Add into this I am working as supervisor of male grooming under the amazing Bryanna Angel Allen, this is just a major plus for me.  

So for me this is a great chance to meet up with new people and network.  Which has already started thanks to Facebook with people dropping me messages, friends requests and checking out my page already.  

For more details of the show follow the link:  


LFW planning

I am sitting this morning with my coffee and working through the ideas for being backstage at The House of iKons show on the 17th of February.  

Since I will be there as a the male grooming artist and representing the magazine as beauty editor I want to plan the article before I go, start out making notes (I can do this because I know how this show runs, I have done many, many fashion events).   I want to capture the essence of the show and the energy of the event and show something slightly different. 

office moments

Of course I will be talking to the designers and meeting with the brands I have already talked about as well.  Its going to be a hectic day with a lot to do so planning will be a must, with of course a little flexibility because thats how things go. 

One of the key elements I am looking forward to is being able to meet people in person and work on something fresh, another major part is I want to do some pr for myself.  Of course. 

House of iKons is one of the premiere shows held during LFW and its been two years since I last did the show and I want to make the most of it. 

In addition to the iKons show I will be meeting some LFW official designers and doing "coffee with....." articles that I am really excited about putting across to Trend prive and world fashion media and news. 


editorial run and beauty editor work

Something I have had to do over the last two days is shut off to some degree and focus on my writing duties.  With the help of The House of iKons, I have been able to write and talk to some fantastic designers and cosmetic brands like the fantastic club organix mineral make up range.  

editorial concept

In terms of what is coming up in the month ahead it has been changing and evolving in a more positive way than I originally anticipated.  

I will be working on three sets of stills for editorial with male models, before I head down to London for the show.  Which is contrary to what I planned but I am really excited about the concept and it does give me a chance to work with two fantastic models. 

On my return from London I will be working on some beauty editorials and doing a casting for new female faces for editorial featuring some of the brands I am so fortunate to be working with during the iKons show. 

I am so excited about the concepts planned and how 2018 is shaping up for me as a beauty editor and creative director of my own work. 

I create the business now which is a hugely exciting prospect.  

Editorial concept shoots

This last week has been a whirlwind of changes and strategic planning gone awry.  However that is not to say its been negative. 

I have reconnected with the house of iKons, got some amazing designers to write about with Savita (Lady K) bringing not only social media coverage for trend prive but more brands for me to look at and write about with the added bonus of make up that I can incorporate into my kit.   

Yaby cosmetics is joining me as sponsor for a film (contracts pending) this year and we will be working together on the marketing aspect, not just any film I may add but an international project with an amazing cast and crew. 

Next on the agenda for me is booking models and working on some personal projects that I have had to shelve on a temporary basis due to my writing commitments.  Thankfully Trend prive is allowing me leeway over my schedule otherwise I would be chained to my desk typing all day. 

With all the plans and my decision to really up my game in 2018, it has been a long journey and I am now starting to feel that I have earned my stripes and I will continue with my work with Raj Srivastava, the lost project is going to be a major part of the next few months as well and of course with the help of Susan Marshall I will be working on some scripts for both TV and film.  

In all aspects I decided to raise the bar and showcase both my own talents and give things a shake up.  

make up palettes

iKons meets Trend Prive

This has been one hectic week for marketing and setting up business deals on the fashion side of the business.  

I know the house of iKons from my days in India, where Savita Kaye called me to discuss business, since then i have been stepping a little back from things but with my appointment as a beauty editor and columnist for trend prive magazine I knew the time was right to put these two amazing companies together. 

House of iKons has built one of the strongest independent fashion platforms on the planet.  With shows being coordinated across the globe from their home base in London, Savita has worked wonders for designers, make up staff, models, stylists and musicians.  

The next show to be held in London on February the 17th in the Millennium Gloucester hotel.  For more details and ticket info see: iKons London Show.  

To be able to tie this to the Trend Prive magazine who have built a strong base with their online magazine and the print editions is a hugely gratifying prospect and will open the doors to some amazing emerging designers as well as the other elements of the magazine this will be a massive boost all round and I am so proud of what is being done on both sides.