Actually I can

I was talking to a friend yesterday about work and discussing what plans are currently in place for one of my larger projects.  We dissected the whole smoke and mirror aspect of working in the creative arts as a writer or makeup artist.  Her comments and quote made me smile as we could both agree that we were hitting the right markers: 

actually I can

Watch the person who has finished the work and can show you the evidence and be wary of the one who talks and can't show the results.

Each of us has been working independently on our businesses with some crossover areas.  The fantastic part is we are now collaborating on some PR exercises and articles planned to do some promotion of my work and of course hers. 

In the next two months I will be released through various channels including world fashion media and news, Trend prive magazine, of course, my own blog and the Lost project team will be fully behind this. 

Something we are discussing is editorial pieces that will cover the full team and give me a huge PR boost, and I have to say that I am really excited about the prospect of what is to come which includes Nepal and further development of two projects with the Lost team that will see me taking the lead as head of makeup. 

For anyone that is putting themselves into the market and wonders if they can succeed, yes, yes you can.  You just need to be smart about it.  If you wait till things come to you, you're not going to move forward.  You need to be proactive.  

When someone says to me you can't do that, my response is "actually I can."