Addressing the Standards

Yet again I am torn by the path and direction I can take, or as  I have called it before choosing a door. In line with my deal with the lost project and talks that have been ongoing with a director friend, I have a horror series and a more tongue in cheek option about psychics. 

choosing a door

There is also the aspect of where to live and work.  

Talking to some of the "industry" people I know in Scotland there is a real confounding attitude that comes to the table when we talk.  I tend to focus on the professional aspects of a job and how it will move my business forward, talking about brand placement and on those rare occasions the "the need for a dedicated studio space" over my preference regional studios.  

The overwhelming response I get is I put too much emphasis on the standard of professionalism based on what I have experienced working in different countries: 

Scotland isn't at the level you expect it to be in professional standards and that is your problem." 

I find that sentiment a little sad and worrying, do I, or anyone else for that matter, have the right to call themselves a professional when based here or is it entirely outwith the remit to expect it when the people I am dealing with call themselves professionals? 

Has professional become a buzzword?  does being a business owner only applies when it suits the moment and can be dropped in favour of "well it's not my fault I wasn't taught proper business practices so how would I know?" 

Do we have that option depending on our location?  If its a passion project does that negate the need to understand the business side of what we do? 

The film industry is a prime example of this I have found, "we shall make it and they shall come," is not a method I like or prefer but its OK because its a passion project rather than (horror of horrors) a commercial venture. 

I put a commercial value on my skills and take a great deal of pride in what I do, does that mean I am in the wrong or that I need to look further afield for the professional clarity I am searching for?  OK, I admit that I am debating relocating but as one actress pointed out (ironically she has produced several projects and never approached me for support), I should not need to leave to find the work.  So why am I being sidelined for having professional standards and the justification is always the same, "you have set the bar too high." 

This comes to play with people in other locations and I have had to tell one of my actors that not everyone looks at the art and skill of acting as a business and will focus on their friends work and not at the commercial viability of the project or what will support the story, its just the nature of dealing with people who choose to do a project for their own vanity.  

Perhaps with the plan to do my own projects alongside the Lost project, the bar I have set will become the rod that beats me.  Only time will tell.