all about brushes

I want to talk about kit.  

I know its sooooo tempting to buy every new shiny palette and brush that comes to the market but I want you to stop and think. Focus on key aspects of your kit and what you need. To start with lets look at brushes.  

Many people focus their energy and efforts on bridal, its big business, there are awards, its all very exciting and quick to set up.  So what do you need in your kit and how should you build it.  

Brushes for me are an absolute essential, they are the corner stone of your working kit so I do not scrimp on these. I have a minimum of 6 of each brush, basics such as: 

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • shadow
  • blending
  • blush
  • lips
  • brows
  • liner

From there my specialty brushes: 

  • Bronzer
  • contour blush
  • crease brush

These can be from smaller more affordable brands or larger more premium ranges, but these are the ones I carry regardless for beauty work.  I will talk about my male grooming kit later.  

The basics will see you through and you can add.  I very rarely buy sets, unless I am 100% sure that I will use all the brushes in the kit, otherwise I buy singles and build around that. 

Personally I have a mix of synthetic (for creams and liquids) and real hair (for powders), thats personal choice and there are some fantastic companies out there that are fully vegan and synthetic, the technology has  changed dramatically over the years and the quality has improved immensely.  For me though I am a firm believer in use what works.  

Look for companies that offer pro discounts or that are reputable with a promo code for example: 

Brushwork cosmetics *I have a promo code: JamesC 15% off, yes I get a kickback but you will see from my behind the scenes the brands I use and if I don't like it I don't endorse it.  So the names listed are all in my working kit.  I consider my brushes an investment and some have been in my working kit for over 10 years so that should give you an idea.  

Storage is a major pain in backside, I am using a quad pack from mykitco now as it can be laid out and I can easily see what brushes are where and its easy to store, you could also use on of the brush bags or a tool roll. 

Invest in the quality of your kit and you will not regret it.  Good brushes will not shed, they will be in your working kit for years and you will see the value.  If you buy cheap you will buy regularly, buy quality it will last.  

A good quality brush kit will see you through every job and the more you add (my own kit stands at 200 and counting), the less you need to worry.  Don't think you need to spend all your money at once build it up and use the festive season to help or your birthday: 

People will be happy to give you brushes because they become a part of your life and will be cherished.  

From my film and commercial work to the beauty editorials, my working kit changes but the brushes are always with me so I invest in quality.