Angel face mineral make up

I am really excited as the pr package from Angel face cosmetics arrived today.  A mineral make up line that is taking the indie scene over thanks to its clean, simple approach to make up.  

The owners decided that the cosmetic counters and brands were over egging the pudding paired their collection down to some absolute bare essentials: 

  • 6 shades of foundation 
  • 1 concealer 
  • 1 blush 
  • 1 blush/illumination
  • 1 finishing powder
  • 1 bronzer 

Its so gratifying to see this paired down approach, as a make up artist I love that idea of clean beauty (its what I do) and this line can be used for my male grooming projects to which in itself is a bonus as the boys won't feel so self conscious about wearing make up.  

 Over the next two weeks I plan to try the range out and report back with not just a brand review but editorials created with this line. 

For more details go to the website: Angel face mineral make up.