artist support

One of the things I have been discussing recently is the idea of teams.  Being able to call or pull in additional members to your team when required to support a shoot or event. 

Now I know that I no longer have this and find it quite sad really.  I should have a list of artists I can call on that will be able to assist on shoots or be a second on a job if required.  I should add this is only an issue for me in Scotland.  Everywhere else I can call in assistants without hassle. 

The last time I was unable to take on a gig, I called an artist that had assisted once.  She wanted to be fast tracked to head of the show, a commercial came up and I was unavailable.  So I called and left a message asking her to call me back about a gig.  She didn't and in an effort to be supportive I relayed it through my then agent. THAT CALL she took. 

I found that quite sad.  We should be supporting each other and there is no shame, nor does it make you a lesser artist, to take a referral from someone in your field is in fact a mark of trust.  

Now I want to try and find a small selection of people who can assist on bigger gigs but these days that really hard work.  

I do a huge amount of editorials, writing and next year my plans will increase as I have a wedding business coming on side and my larger scale projects that require me to be away which means I will be in need of extra hands to shoot to make things easier. 

Perhaps its time to start at the grass roots level and get people who are in their first year and focus on that rather than supporting those whos ambition outstrips their experience.  By which I mean, fresh talent that is not aiming at fast tracking.  In my experience fast tracking gets you nowhere you need guidance.  

A little loyalty to something other than a brand goes a long way.