Beauty editor duties

I am really behind in my duties beauty editor but fortunately my bosses were able to give me an extension.  As we all know the holiday season can be a bit hectic and my laptop has been down for the count.  Luckily that has now been resolved.  

Something that people don't realise is how difficult it can be as a beauty editor and working make up artist.  In the social media age it has become a plus and minus working as an artist and writing as well.  i sometimes refer to my self as a creative director when I am setting up a shoot I have to take a huge amount into consideration for example: 

  • Will this work on multiple formats? 
  • Do I need a stylist? 
  • Models: agency or non agency? 
  • time factor? 

This is a small portion of what I think needs to be done and gives you the main points.  

Would I change this?  Hell no!  I love my job.  A major reason I took it was because of my other business The Lost Project, that I took this on.  What this has allowed me to do is pick and choose how I market and work with my clients, in actual fact it ties in with my new rules that are in place for film and TV, because as a beauty editor and writer for magazines I have earned a level of credibility that allows me to write about projects and do PR.  

What I do is make effective use of the  resources I have and that is a positive step and can be utilised for my clients.  So next time you think of booking make up staff take into account experience and if your on a low budget how you can utilise the resources that the right person can bring to the table.  

magazine and beauty editor