Beauty Editor moment

I have to admit that I am extremely lucky to have the support I do when it comes to being a beauty editor.  House of iKons has given me access to some amazing designers and allowed me to build articles around their work and create a buzz about the work that is astonishing to me. 


Something I am really keen to do now is getting some smaller brands on board to create some new articles about makeup again, which to be fair was my original job.  

So far I have gone out and contacted a few different brands and I am now planning to do articles on their ranges.  This will include the amazingly talented Sian Richard of London Brush Company, Antonio Ferran brushes, Poise makeup and possibly some companies that sell pigments. 

I am really keen to do pieces on small brands to create some buzz and support independent companies.  We are also discussing product placement options and do have film projects that are open to having placement options in their projects.  

If you would be interested in having an article published then contact The Lost project team who manage my work for me.