Are you blocking your own Business?

blocking your business

Talking to other artists ranging from actors to directors I hear a variation of a central theme about makeup artists that is becoming a worrying trend.  Here are some of the examples of the issues brought up concerning booking a makeup artist: 

  1. Why do they read messages and not respond on social media? 
  2. Why is it I have to chase these people around?  
  3. Why do they book a job and then dictate how and when they will work? 

There are a few more but let's start with these three and break them down.  

  1. Not responding on social media when you are a business is stupid period.  A potential client approaching you who is willing to negotiate generally needs a response and if you are not interested or unavailable then the simple answer is to tell them politely.  Ignoring them will put you on the no-touch list for future gigs.  
  2. When you are freelance you rely on clients contacting you about potential work and that means responding to emails, social media messages, and phone calls.  When a client has to chase you around to get you to respond they will quickly get bored and assume your not interested, forcing them to move to the next person on their list, ergo you lose money.  
  3. The one I find the most telling is from a recent conversation with a client, she booked a shoot, having spent time going back and forward via text and Facebook (the artist would not meet for coffee or take a call due to "scheduling issues"), only to have the person be a no-show for the shoot despite assurances that they would attend.  So a lot of time and energy went into something that was business based.  Which in turn drove the photographer to me who was willing to sit down at the table and TALK about what could be done and arrange a test shoot that will benefit us all.  I have had this happen several times and frankly, I find it really sad, if you are not a business and this is a hobby that is fine but let's get real here, other people are in this for the money and work towards goals.  

Do not get me wrong I have made mistakes as well, however, there needs to be a degree of culpability and some sense of business: 

Don't claim a skillset and title unless you can justify it and are willing to do the work.