being a team player

In the last few weeks I have been working WITH the teams for projects ranging from fashion shows to films and we have been working through different aspects of what will be done at each of the projects. 

Part of this is talking about the team and how we work. 

So I decided  to break that down into key aspects and areas.  Focusing on the pieces that you need to understand to make things work. 

Establishing the hierarchy is the first thing we need to do.  Often the head of make up for shows or films is also an INVESTOR in the project and that means that they have chosen to do this and they are using it as a means to promote their own business in conjunction with something larger. 


This means that they are pushing their own agenda and brand, this is what being an investor and designer entails when you are working towards a set of goals that benefit everyone in different degrees. 

Now as someone who is a beauty editor and writer, what I am doing is pushing my own skills and talents, when I do editorial and submit to the magazine I work for its about showcasing MY WORK.  One of the advantages of being an assistant on these shoots and being a team player, is you get credited as part of the team, and when I get booked on bigger gigs I will book you IF you are part of the team.    

So what is a team player?  

Your there to support the lead artists and ensure that the work is done to a brief.  

Your job is not to redefine the work to suit your style, your there to augment and support the head of department.  This is not denigrating your skills.  

When you work for a company as a sales rep you are there to earn money FOR the company, you will get sacked if you do not follow the rules and abide by your contract.  So this is the mindset you need to take with you when you go onto a film or a show.  You are there to work under the same terms as you would at any other job.  Just because you are a freelancer don't mistake this for free to do as you please, you are a SUB-CONTRACTOR and you need to follow the criteria set.  

Separation and segregation, choosing to step away from the team and demanding that you work to your own rule is not going to work.  The team is only as good as its weakest member and if you cannot work to rule and can't deal with the critique then maybe this is not the place for you.