Bringing Brands into your Show, Film or TV Project

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As many of you are aware, I talk to brands on a regular basis for my work with the magazines. So this has allowed me to do a lot of product placement for those who have offered me PR packages as a thank you for an article.

So how can you make that work for you as a non writer and get brands on side when your working on a fashion show, film or TV project to help boost the profile of the project or augment your work behind the scenes.

Lets break this down into key elements and what the companies will be looking to gain from working with you first:

  • Social media interaction, will it be shown on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? And most importantly whats the following of your pages/media?

  • Who is your target audience and how will you engage them using the brand?

  • What is the genre of the project and how can you integrate the brand into what you are doing in a way that is going to drive people to what is being shown?

  • What will this cost us and how will we see a return. This is the most important aspect, your asking for an investment in products or monetary terms or both so need to be aware of what that means.

  • Will we be exclusive or is it to be mixed with other brands?

So taking all of this into account, and I am sure there would be more but this is the basics that get discussed first and foremost.

  • If you are planning to use social media (which most of us do) then you need to be able to show demographic: who is your audience, is it organic (naturally built over time or did you pay for followers), how will you integrate the brand into your social media work.

  • Do you have permission of the company doing the film/TV project or fashion show to approach brands? This is extremely important and you need to be aware of conflict of interest concerning brand placement. Especially at fashion shows. If (for example) mac is the primary sponsor they are paying to have their products prominently placed in the advertising and social media so you need to be careful about placement and ensure that you have discussed it with the organiser or producer first.

  • Assuming you are free to do the placement without worry, draw up a business plan breaking down the cost of what you require and what the terms of this will be. If you are offering an exclusive deal then you need to be able to prominently place the brand across the board, cost in what you need to pay your team (if required) or cover the materials for the team to some degree so that the look is consistent.

  • A big aspect of this will be does your work fit the look of the company? Will what you are offering be of use to them and give a good overall showcase. For example IPA palettes for film and TV would be out of place in a fashion show, so you would not approach them.

  • Take the time to ensure that you are bringing a business proposal to the table and not just a vague offer, the more detail you can provide the better chance you have of getting the support in some shape or form.

Now understandably this is a basic overview but gives enough detail to give you a fighting chance at getting the support you want or need to move forward.