Business Fundamentals

I have talked about this before, choosing a door and finding your niche.  There are variations to the structure of business some of which are general and can be taken across the board from bridal to film/TV, the rest you need to learn and that is where the fundamentals of business come into play and I am going to be really harsh here, but just because its makeup, it doesn't mean that you are ready to be in charge.  Like any job, there is a hierarchy.  

No one walks straight into a business after training for whatever length of time and becomes a manager or is on the board of directors.  

We need to start looking at this more as a business and not a hobby.  

I see it a lot, people love the idea of being a beauty editor or makeup artist till they are doing the job and suddenly they have gone from doing all these crazy makeup looks and its all about commercialism and simplistic looks. 

"Editorial style" is one that confounds me.  I have stopped doing shoots now unless I see some structure and a purpose, there are two types of editorials: 

An editorial which is about a concept and has a structured story.  Effectively a showcase of talent and often about having fun and creating.  

Stage door

Advertorial which is about selling a product through a story.   It can be focused on the clothes, the makeup or hair but its a commercial aimed at being a spread in a magazine. 

When it comes to film and TV I am a little more hard-line than I used to be; I want to see a plan, a structure, and a sales strategy.  THAT I can get onboard with when its speculative and I am expected to bring in brands etc but you cannot/will not show a structure, you are making it difficult for me to support it or for that matter my brands to get on board with it.  

We need to sit down and actually look at how we structure things, brand support from events to film and TV projects, requires a plan.  We call this a business but I rarely see that and people are falling into the trap of it all the time and it's not moving you forward.  

I appreciate its hard to learn and your impatient to make your mark but can we talk business?