choosing a door

This might seem like a strange title for a blog but I want you to stick with me on this, when I talk about choosing a door I am using it as a metaphor to describe your career.  

choose your door

There are no shortcuts however you can make choices that will elevate you and take you in a better direction.  When it comes to choosing a door, many people now look to the bridal and fashion industry for the associated glamour.  if you find it would you please let me know.  

Personally, I prefer the realms of film and writing has become a major part of my time and energy.  

The film industry works on similar principals to many businesses: circles of contact and gradient levels of skill. Like any business there are three tiers: 

  • Top end and luxury which in this context would be a list celebrities in Hollywood etc.
  • Mid-range which is often second-tier actors from TV and with a lower budget aimed at the TV sector, satellite or increasingly the digital download market. 
  • Lowest in the chain is micro and low budget, speculative and often without a marketing strategy outside of social media posts. 

The two top ticket options will generally have a business model and a marketing budget behind them which makes them more inclined toward profit.  

So with these established hierarchies how can you get a foot in the door.  Well, the good news is the lower end of the market does have an open door policy and skill level is not really an issue you just need to network and work on lower budgets.  Its open to trainees and skilled artists alike, just don't expect to be paid well. 

To move up the food chain and get into the two top ends of this becomes more tricky and is not for the faint-hearted, as it will involve a great deal of critique and your skill set will be questioned.  Assisting will be a common entry point to this world.  

Look at the options and decide what is the path you want to take and which door is going to be best for you.  Is it a career or are you looking for a hobby?  You really need to be realistic about what your expectations are.