clearing my head

I wanted to try something new and let me tell you there are some fantastic little tricks you can find on youtube that will up your game when taking photos.  The downside to this, you need sunshine.  

This did not stop me, I had booked one of my younger male models (Lost boy: Josh), and we just worked around the whole thing, more an exercise in catharsis than an actual shoot I still got something workable and have sent them over to World fashion media and news. This will be a part of the Lost project whos site is so close to ready and will be launched soon.  

Taking a more casual approach to the photos, we walked the beach and worked with the scenery to create something candid, with a little edge of darkness.  Lets be brutal here the weather was not ideal. 

Still it was worth it, aside from being able to hear Josh's plans and thinking on his future, which for a seventeen year old is strong, it allowed me to clear my head and do something fresh. 

In the next few weeks I am planning to do something new and fresh for both world fashion and of course trend prive, watch out for some really amazing new brands and kit related items coming soon. 


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