Coffee and art

With a total of three more shoots planned before the end of the month and a lot of emails being sent to increase the visibility of the Lost Project, things are moving in a direction that I am now much happier with. 

coffee and art

The dynamic of my business is changing for the better, allowing me more flexibility to be creative and work on the commercial and artistic side of the work.  Last night after lengthy discussions with one of the Lost Boys, Athar Shah, we have started looking at expanding on the work done previously and we do have some images to be edited for submission. 

Our plan is to create something more art based and in fact I am shooting something for a series next week.  

From a business perspective, I have been working with the team to get PR and marketing done and focus on brand campaigns.  The management side is also making positive moves and we are now negotiating to join a film team from mainland Europe for a spaghetti western.  

Its all about marketing and pushing boundaries, we are all behind the ideas and each person is supporting the choices made.  Everything about business has been the focus, creating it, managing it and of course marketing the company.  

Its all about thinking outside the box.