coffee and business

I do a huge amount of marketing, attend meetings and put a huge amount of time into my working life.  In fact look at my time as a beauty editor.  Which is a job I might add, its something I have to put effort into, I spend alot of my time working on articles and have to take feedback and criticism.   My average is 300 words for an online article, 500 for print.  I need to be sure that the images I shoot fit the criteria of the magazine I am aiming these particular shots at.  

I have had in the last few months people demanding to know who my clients are, demanding to have equal pay for less duties or hours because otherwise its unfair.  How is this unfair that I have worked to gain their trust and build a rapport, you want a ready made relationship handed to you?  

coffee thoughts

Let me give you an overview of my work as beauty editor and the average amount of time I put into a photo shoot plan or just dealing with business.  

  • Research the look and decide on the products that are required. 
  • If this for a brand based article I then have to contact the brand (my personal preference is small companies). 
  • I go through press releases, press packs and of course websites to find as much information as I can.  
  • Models have to be booked to fit the brief or look that the brand tends to favour.  This I have been accused of sexism for.  Which is insane, if a brand is a male grooming brand then I need to work with that, its not sexist its just the target audience of the brand. 

Every few days I get a call, email or Facebook message asking to be my assistant.  However it has to be on their terms and within reason I am happy to do that if your at college.  What I will not do is put a huge amount of time, effort and energy into the work to allow you to step in and do the work and take the credit when you are untested and frankly don't have the skill set to carry what is required.  Thats not me being unfair or nasty, it simply means you are being given an opportunity to learn and lets be brutal here.  If I get pr packages and sponsorship its my name that got it and the client expects to see my work at the end of it. 

100% of the time they will cancel within a few days because they have some issue.  So you wanted to be my assistant till you realised you were going to be an assistant?  

When I talk about this I am called a hater or nasty, no I am a business.  I spend a great deal of time, effort and energy on this, my business and my name have taken years to build.  

Just because you want it does not mean that the world should hand it straight to you.  You do not become a manager just by demanding it, you need to earn the skills.  

My average business day starts at 6 am if I have a shoot and 8 am if I am working from home and ends when I finally decide that I can't look at a computer screen anymore.  Can you say that you are willing to do this?  Most often no, you want someone else to do it.  

I work extremely hard.  You are not entitled to step in and demand that I give you anything, work for it the same as I did.  This illustrates a small part of how I work and what I do, so if you can't do that.  Then don't demand.