coffee and contemplation

So I decided this was something I wanted to do, just sit quietly and think with a cup of coffee, I did this alot in Mumbai.  In fact my favorite spot was the CCD (Cafe coffee day) on Carter road.  I could sit quietly outside and watch the world go by.  Realistically any CCD would do the chain is just so well thought out.  

I really miss doing that because even when things were bad, I could sit quietly and drink coffee undisturbed.  It allowed me peace to think.  

Lately I feel like that is something I am missing and in all the frustration of chasing work and being kept in the dark I have lost sight of my goals.  So heres what I will be doing as of next week.  

I am going to find the time to sit in a coffee shop with my tablet, do some reading and sketching, maybe plan and write a few scenes for my script and I am not going to pay attention to the world. 

Really I am just bored of competing and trying to get gigs again here and when I am being pulled back to India with offers that are worth their weight in gold, I could easily return to the more sedate Pune, I think why am I stressing out here when I could have that lifestyle back? 

I can see a goal now, I want that ease of life back.  So Its what I am aiming for.  Tie up the loose ends and start looking outward again.  Somewhere in Europe for a while to get my breath back and do the things I want and then on from there. 

Make up for film is my passion but somehow its not working here and that saddens me no end.  If the work comes I will be happy but I refuse to play chases and run the gauntlet to get work anymore.  


coffee and contemplation