Coffee and Glitter

Sitting this morning I have already been hard at work sending emails and dealing with articles that needed to be published.  My early morning routine is always the same: 

coffee time

Coffee and emails.  

I try and get all the work done as early as I can to allow me time to spend on other things. 

Now as a huge coffee fan and Instagram fanatic, I combined the two over the last few days while the weather has been bad to allow me time to do some marketing.  

Now as  I am more of a film person, the editorial side has become a tool to promote and there are some amazing new options coming up that I will share with my readers later.  Working with the team at the Lost project, we decided to open the doors to small brands and a little pr work.  

In the fashion arena glitter and pigments have become a must-have, designers and brands are releasing glitter palettes and pigments across the board and I have to admit that it does look like fun and I decided to incorporate it into a new concept I am planning.  

Which led to an Instagram run through to find brands that are reputable but smaller and talk business with them.  It has been a success and I am now waiting for responses from a brand in the USA.  Something I am really keen to do is promote small brands, so this will be a fun shoot to create and build alongside these people.  

We love the idea of working with artist brands and promoting them as much as we can.  

For more information on getting involved or to discuss brand features then see the Lost Project website.