coffee and reality

I got an email this morning with a screenshot, the person sending was appalled that a fellow makeup artists business was being dissected and critiqued.  Here's the clincher, no-one involved in the conversation had spoken to the artist direct instead favoring rumor and speculation.

coffee thoughts

Now I have had this done to me several times and its part amusing and part scary. 

When you attack someone's business on social media, you forget that they might find out.  If that happens there are consequences.  In my case, I took legal advice and contacted the people concerned with a legal warning. 

In the social media age, its become increasingly easy to attack businesses and vilify because you can block them and in some cases, this has led to a major loss of business and is in my case driving me out of the location to places where skillset is a commodity and my terms are met.  

Here's my issue with that.  The people doing it fail to realize that first off this is libel and slander and is legally actionable, when you attack someone's business you are opening the door to a lot of problems and it does not benefit you in the slightest. 

The second issue is, it really comes down to jealousy, if you are not willing to put the time into your business you have no right to complain about how other people work.  Simple.  

If people put as much energy into their own business as they did attacking other people, they potentially could succeed.