coffee day thoughts

I met up today with  one of the partners for the wedding films Scotland team, I am working with them in the background on some of the marketing and seo elements and will be working on something new for their website.  

The company is fascinating in that they are focusing on taking their background in broadcast (I am talking huge film and TV projects) and they have both decided that the time is right to change direction and take those skills into a new market. 

I know the title says coffee thoughts so heres where that kicks in, while we discussed travel, culture and other obscure business elements I was able to pick his brains over camera equipment.  Since he a grip and a former camera operator, I wanted to discuss my own editorials and of course my work in webtorial, something that has been on my mind has been cameras.  

Now this led to a discussion on mirrorless over dslr.  Interestingly he was with me in the leaning toward mirrorless digital and recommended Sony and took the time to check out a few options on my behalf.  

One of the reasons we were discussing this was simply because of the work we both do has some cross over areas and as someone with almost twenty years experience as a make up artist its always good to get a different perspective on things and access to a hugely well respected grip is a bonus.  

Over the next few months I want to really push myself to try something new and get my own beauty editorials out there, I love being a make up artist and enjoy the other side of that in taking the photos and working on development of projects, more of which I will talk about soon.  

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