coffee thoughts part two

Thank goodness for deals on instant coffee!  I am sitting in my little home office today getting all the updates prepped and ready to shoot next week with a fantastic male model for what will be two big shoots aimed at promotion. 

I spend a great deal of my time in meetings so for me being able to clear my head and get something really solid done and shoot new work for my website and of course look at creating an advertorial that will be used to promote a new brand is just fantastic.

Some days I feel less artist more manager. 

One of the key elements to the meetings that have been worked this week was discussing the five year plan for not just my own business but that of my partner companies. One key point in this was finding a way to manage a team without us having to physically be there. 

For me this will be a tricky one as I do personally enjoy the working artist side of what I do but it did make me think about finding an assistant for the new year to train up to work on gigs beside me or send in solo. 

I will be discussing this with the Lost project team at some stage in January.