Creating Business and Finding Clients

Over the last few years, I have been a little more selective about what projects I will take on and find that I am working on the creative development aspect than pursuing projects.  

What this has allowed me to do is be more strategic in the business and how it moves forward and how I interact with my clients.  Something I have been putting time and energy into is setting up to showcase and Create my own showreel because it's not always possible to get the behind scenes images and video I request on shoots.  

lighting up business

By doing this I can showcase what I want and focus my energy on the key areas of the business that I want to show and downplay the other aspects.  

So when it comes to a new business how can you do that for yourself and find the work that you want and actually move your business forward.  Now I am aware I have talked about this a few times but reaching out and being an assistant can be a good entry point and lets you learn about the more difficult aspects of the creative arts. 

Finding clients is a more tricky aspect especially when you start out and that's where networking comes into play and with a subdivision of the industry into three key areas (see my previous blogs for more on this).  

Look for your local media access center and meetup sites to see what is going on in your area.  

This is just touching on the basics of finding and creating the work.  To learn more all it takes is a little google search, an email or call and you can ask more questions of a veteran artist.