department designations

While I look around for a new assistant to be a part of my next few editorial shoots I thought this would be a smart time to show the department designations for make up so people can understand the order of things. 

The focus of this will be on film and TV projects and later I will show the fashion side of it and the requirements for that. 

Juniors and trainees:  They are responsible for setting up and maintaining the hair and make-up stations. They prepare all the equipment and observe senior staff to learn.

Make up artist:  The make-up artist creates looks and hairstyles to meet the requirements of the make-up designer.

Make up supervisor:  They are the make-up designer's right-hand person. They help manage the team, book staff and are often responsible for the principal actors on the production.

Make up designer:  Essentially the head of department and works with the director on the look and feel of the production. They manage budgets and decide on the supplies required.

Information from the BBC Academy website.  

*This will vary depending on the artist in charge of the department.