Editorial concept shoots

This last week has been a whirlwind of changes and strategic planning gone awry.  However that is not to say its been negative. 

I have reconnected with the house of iKons, got some amazing designers to write about with Savita (Lady K) bringing not only social media coverage for trend prive but more brands for me to look at and write about with the added bonus of make up that I can incorporate into my kit.   

Yaby cosmetics is joining me as sponsor for a film (contracts pending) this year and we will be working together on the marketing aspect, not just any film I may add but an international project with an amazing cast and crew. 

Next on the agenda for me is booking models and working on some personal projects that I have had to shelve on a temporary basis due to my writing commitments.  Thankfully Trend prive is allowing me leeway over my schedule otherwise I would be chained to my desk typing all day. 

With all the plans and my decision to really up my game in 2018, it has been a long journey and I am now starting to feel that I have earned my stripes and I will continue with my work with Raj Srivastava, the lost project is going to be a major part of the next few months as well and of course with the help of Susan Marshall I will be working on some scripts for both TV and film.  

In all aspects I decided to raise the bar and showcase both my own talents and give things a shake up.  

make up palettes