editorial run and beauty editor work

Something I have had to do over the last two days is shut off to some degree and focus on my writing duties.  With the help of The House of iKons, I have been able to write and talk to some fantastic designers and cosmetic brands like the fantastic club organix mineral make up range.  

editorial concept

In terms of what is coming up in the month ahead it has been changing and evolving in a more positive way than I originally anticipated.  

I will be working on three sets of stills for editorial with male models, before I head down to London for the show.  Which is contrary to what I planned but I am really excited about the concept and it does give me a chance to work with two fantastic models. 

On my return from London I will be working on some beauty editorials and doing a casting for new female faces for editorial featuring some of the brands I am so fortunate to be working with during the iKons show. 

I am so excited about the concepts planned and how 2018 is shaping up for me as a beauty editor and creative director of my own work. 

I create the business now which is a hugely exciting prospect.