editorial and the need for an assistant

As my year comes to an end and I start the last stage planning for three editorials this month, I find myself more and more in  need of extra hands to handle the work.  Normally I am quite happy to arrange things solo but this month its got a little more time consuming and the shuffling has become more tedious. 

I really do enjoy the shoots, its generally really relaxed and quite casual when I am working, but the prep work and multi tasking is a killer. 

Assuming I can find someone suitable for Sunday the 10th, I will take on a trainee to help with the running on the shoot and hopefully this will alleviate some of the burden.  With 3 models and several changes planned for this submission it will be fun but a challenge. 

If this works out then I will consider this a long term solution and take on more members to freelance on shoot as assistant.