editorial campaign plan

Something that I have been trying to get done is behind the scenes videos of the work I do.  Now I know this can be a bit difficult on shoots sometimes so I am going to retry it as a self-motivated process. 

make up kit

I did try this already and I have decided that its time to revamp this and give it another go with my own kit.  With this in mind, I am looking at booking a studio so that I can control the process and get what I want.  

Yes, it does sound a little controlling but it's about the marketing process. The plan is to have working videos that I can use to promote myself and my work. 

taking charge of your business is important, I am really passionate about that and do fight for things that I want when it comes to working.

In the next few weeks, I will be looking at adding some IPA palettes and a few really bright shadows to create editorials.  I might even do some freestyle paintwork again after a long time.