editorial submissions and method

If you want to showcase yourself using editorial and creative direct it using a team, then its best to do some research and know first the who, style and submission process if the magazines. 

Look at the aesthetics of the magazine you choose, what is their style?  What does the make up look like, what kind of models are being showcased and what is the overall theme of the magazine.  It doesn't matter if its online or print you need to know this. 

No point in you sending off beautiful bridal shots to a metal magazine or vice versa. 

Who are you targeting with this? What clientele are you hoping to attract?  If you want brides then target bridal magazines, if you are more theater and film then there are some fantastic zines that are aimed at that style.  Showcasing your work should be targeted at the audience you want to attract.  

When it comes to the actual submission, always credit your team and if you are not the photographer you will need to get permission in writing. 

Something I find puzzling is "editorial style" shoots that go straight to social media, a submission would be a more credible option and is often the same turnaround time.  Remember you can still share the details of the shoot because most magazines now have social media pages and profiles so its actually beneficial to you. 

*Internet magazines generally have a quicker showcase time because they need regular content so you may not get featured but you will certainly get credit and with strategic sharing and screenshots you can benefit from that.  

Heres a few tricks and suggestions to help you move forward: 

  • Don't be afraid to experiment and try something away from your norm.  
  • Book agency models whenever possible. 
  • Any work submitted must be clean (not seen on any format or social media including personal websites, this means ALL THE TEAM). 
  • Do your research on the magazine before you submit.  
  • Know your target audience. 
  • Make it a story.  It needs to be linear and make sense.  

Be consistent in your work, catering to your target audience is smart and with careful planning can make your career profitable and long.