editorial plans and submissions

Working through the proposed plans for the coming week.  I really want to push the limits of what can be done so with that in mind I am putting a full day into getting one model and three looks created that will be submitted. 

Focusing on male grooming for my next two sets of shoot, with two different British Asian models and of course the iKons show being done very soon, the area of work I am pushing is more niche and is a bonus for my future films plans. 

magazine and coffee

Talking to other artists I have being looking at the policy I (and several  others) have set in place,: 

Publish or pass.  

Which basically means I am being selective to a point.  I decline group shoots because I want certain terms met that suit me and my business and ultimately will support and augment the photographer. 

Doing a simple overview I want to gain as much as I can if I am working free and building something solid for myself and my business future.  Thats not to say there is no benefit to a group shoot if done correctly, my logic is what do I gain from this?  The group concept doesn't in my view, I have a plan that works for the direction I am moving. 

The advantage of working on the publish or pass method is simple: 

  • Editorial credits and tears have merit and showcase the work in a way that is noticed by the fashion people, the creative teams. 
  • Editorials have the advantage of being experimental and with careful planning and setting the right looks up, designs and a good team it can be a commercial gain further down the line. 
  • Magazines are wide spread. Yes there is an advantage to social media if thats your target audience BUT if you want a more refined clientele who appreciate quality and substance over fast and cheap then you focus your energies on that. 
  • Credibility.  Your work is there, people can see the credits and appreciate the work.  Less so if its diluted by multiple hands all taking credit. 

You need to be pro active and smart about your business and how you move it forward long term.