Equilibrium and Lost Project

Over the weekend I will be shooting with Burhan Javid and his clothing range Equilibrium, the plan is to shoot both stills and video to create an advertorial and a small commercial video of the behind the scenes aspect of the shoot. 

Video shoot

The reason for this is multiple, The Lost project and Equilibrium will use this as marketing material for the brand and I will be able to add this to my site. 

In actual fact, we are talking about shooting some portfolio pieces that will go to magazines and of course filmed to create a more comprehensive marketing tool for all parties involved.  

The process will be worked again to create something for fashion and later, for film and TV to showcase my work as a creative artist.  

One thing we have been discussing is brand placement, once this video is shot we will be doing a specific shoot with brushes form the fantastic Jacks Beauty Line collection.