Everything is Connected

The idea that everything is connected has never been so prevalent as it is now with social media taking over the way we market our businesses and personal lives (and yes if you share your personal business publicly it becomes marketing).

Everything is connected

By pushing your own agenda and pushing YOUR business over that of someone else who created an article or piece of work that includes you is really a show of dominance that will long term be of no benefit as they can and in my case Will remove the platform.

I did check last night and have discovered that I have written in total 125 articles on different brands, designers, makeup companies and makeup tools. This has become my own personal platform.

I work at my own discretion deciding who or what I will talk about.

Social media has opened the door to some of the best and most commonly used marketing tools that can be and is being abused.

Short term thinking and ego get in the way of business being done properly which in my case has meant I am now rethinking not just who I work with but how I do it, I have brought into the light platforms including magazines, film/TV sales avenues to a series of makeup brands. In a local sense my “voice” has been removed from the proceedings by not using the articles content and taking credit for work that is not their own, it is forcing my hand to be more careful about how I support people in future.

Which in itself is sad.

After 20 years as a hair and makeup artist my work is often overlooked in favour of new talent when commercial is my wheel house and cost is never negotiated you have no room to complain when the work is not as well received as You feel it should be because you failed to take on board an experienced artist over giving a platform to a trainee who would have benefited from support, but then you save money so its all good right?

Hire me and you get the wealth of my experience and efforts which include PR and marketing, Demand that I support for free and then remove my voice from the resulting dialogue and you lose the right to complain when I no long wish to work with you.

Everything is connected and I will find out. I have talked about this multiple times and its becoming more and more of an issue, in light of it I will be changing the terms of how I work YET AGAIN because of the way my work is treated.