filming fun

I have been out of the loop on Scottish film partly by choice and decided to take a little risk when I saw a student film ad.  I applied and got the role of make up artist, with a few minor stipulations and requests.  Primarily behind the scenes images, which let me tell you my tablet was a blessing in disguise for. 

First off I was not disappointed, the team project for University of west of Scotland was fun and the all girl team were lovely.  Each one had to direct a set number of scenes in a 3 min film that would be an assignment for class.  

Set around the idea of love, the girls came up with a bitter sweet little story around the perils of text messaging and dating apps in the modern age.  Focused on the loneliness of its two lead characters,  the story focuses on isolation even with technoligy.   

With as little interference as I could offer I did help a little, you are around films long enough you learn how to manipulate the camera etc to meet the constraints, and I will be honest all the team were impressive, with a minimum of fuss and a little tweaking I can honestly say the film will look good and they preformed cohesively. 

Not an easy task in these circumstances.  

Would I do it again?  Yes in a heart beat for the team I worked with and of course the two wonderful actors, both of whom gelled well.  Myself and the actor were the only males and new to the group but that did not make things difficult, in fact we were able to relax and enjoy the shoot.  

All round a talented group that I have to admit impressed me with their skills and attitude.  I am not a regular on the student film circuit tending to say, hire a student and give them a chance to learn too, but I am glad I did it.  

What really clinched it for me was being able to use Angel face mineral cosmetics on the shoot and how well they preformed for film.  Not a massive surprise as the cosmetic line is a favorite for print.