film market theory

I was reading this morning on social media that there will be another major studio built in the south.  Fantastic I hear you cry, so whats the issue?  To me this would fall under the remit of regional and thats cool.

The UK is a small area of land mass (comparatively) and is divided into three countries on the mainland.  So regional studios are a plus. 

Not so for Scotland. there is a demand for a large, custom build facility.  It smacks (to me) of "everyone else has one so we want one too." 

Heres my reasoning for NOT building a big studio facility: 

  • Regional spaces would be a more logistically sound idea.  
  • Scotland has a multitude of studios of varying sizes. 
  •  No matter where its put there will be an issue. 
  • People come for the scenery and the tax breaks. 

What we actually need: 

  • More comprehensive BUSINESS skills and training to meet industry standards.  
  • We need to recognize that the world is bigger than our own doorstep.  
  • More PAID apprenticeships and a more realistic sense of scale in the industry. 

I have seen too many requests (and I am biased) for make up staff unpaid.  Now I work if it suits me and my needs tfp and for costs, but the commercial sector is relying on this now and the artists have outstripped the demand.  Its an unfair ratio and everyone is competing, but heres the kicker.  Make up artists are dictating how they will work without being smart. Your all taking on gigs and doing the same make up for a film you would for an instragram post or a wedding, there is no subtlety or nuance.  Its one size fits all and I rarely if ever hear the words facecharts, design or continuity.  

When a project goes through 8, yes I said 8, make up artists and not one person says "do you have designs for the characters?" When the next in line tries to outdo the last person it screws up the look and it makes your project look bad, but its OK because they were free so...........  

It needs to be accepted that this is business and that means all aspects from the production houses down to the crew.  

The idea that working on a production free will lead to better gigs is a myth in my experience.  These people rely heavily on the fact you are desperate for the opportunity and exploit it.  

We need to start looking at creating a more cohesive version of the industry and actually building business models that work. A business plan is not frivolous its a necessity.  You need to plan and research what you are doing. 

To sell a product there needs to be a plan and a marketing strategy.  

Guessing your rates and cherry picking out the air an amount is not going to get you anywhere and that seems to be the way its done. 

Lets get real and start supporting the industry by actually treating it like a business and not a game.   You are not entitled to make a film, short or feature, crowdfunding has become a joke and lets be brutally honest.  If your aim is the festivals you had no intentions of selling your project and paying the cast and crew. 

A return to solid marketing and analysis of projects is required.