Film meeting

Today I will be sitting down with Jim Manclark to discuss three projects that I will be designing make up for and helping to produce.  

The festival circuit is not my usual fair of late, but I decided that it was worth a shot and gives me a chance to expand on areas that I want to update in my portfolio or as I call it the work in progress.  *No portfolio is ever complete let me say that right away. 

Plus its been fun working on smaller projects with no pressure, such as paranoia with the UWS students, the level of talent that I have seen so far has been amazing and they valued the support offered.  

With the current discussions with Jim, we have something bigger in mind for our short films, a little bit more outside the box than usual which I have to say I am really interested in and is the main reason I am involved. 

Two kitchen sink type dramas and then a little comedy relief, we have already researched and set our sights on the festival we want to go for and e are planning something extra to boost the process.