Film shoot and other news

JamesC face chart

This weekend will be a fun little break for me, I am teaming up with some familiar faces to work on a short comedy sketch that will be documented in images, for Jim Manclark who is a fantastic director and one of my easiest clients to work with.  

With a bite the bullet moment also being on the cards as I (finally) apply for a Mac Pro card since I have decided to update my portfolio and a few other interesting options on the table it was a really should I or shouldn't I moment when I started the application. 

Although I am a fan of their brushes I have never really been one to buy into the hype. Yet here I am with an application in and my artistic brain working through the options and choosing colours to mix and work with for some of the beauty concepts I have been planning.  

Although I do have an exciting little release coming soon on a German makeup brush company that I really covet, and they have been extremely kind about setting up promo codes, one to watch out for in Trend prive soon.  

More details and some fun images will be released soon.