find a middle ground

I have had some really interesting calls and emails in the last 48 hours.  Some good some bad.  The one thing I am seeing a lot is the need to find a middle ground.  I have been referring to the ongoing battles for supremacy over contacts and business as the battle of the sandpit. 

make it happen

What needs to be done is find a middle ground that does not require absolute control and actually moves all business forward.  

Setting parameters about how your own business works is smart, but let's be brutally honest here when you start putting restrictions on work because you want control over the entirety of your region is really dangerous.

Part of the problem I have been getting the calls and emails about is the lack of respect or rather a demand that is solely one-sided.  If it is not given then people are blocked from doing business which I find insane. 

Don't bad mouth someone else's business without knowing the truth, if you haven't talked to someone then don't express an opinion about their work.   Instead of being negative about them focus your energy on your own work, it really is telling that when you complain about someone else's achievements and focus all your energy on running them into the ground you are losing a chance to push your own work forward. 

It really is disappointing when I hear things like this, there is room for everyone in this industry and no one is holding you back other than you.  

It's time to be smart about the business we are doing and support each other instead of denigrating and letting ego control the work and rule our lives.