inspiration and reaching new goals

I was to an actress while I was doing her make up for a short film, she told me about her friend who wants to do film make up.  So I asked "why isn't she here?"  

Bear in mind this was a student film and as much as I loved working with them team, this conversation left me confused.  If you are passionate and want to do make up for films why don't you?  We all start somewhere so what is the issue? 

Everyone's journey is different and I have a plan and a path that I have started on and part of that is being on set gaining images again so I can update my book, that means I have no issue doing student films and some low budget work, in fact I am meeting people this week to discuss putting some projects together and in 2018 joining a team for a bigger project in another country.  

I decided that I wanted to do something new and found a way to make it happen.  

So you are waiting for what? An engraved invitation?  Get out there and find it. Clients can't find you if your not marketing yourself or letting them know your available. 

Don't be afraid to go out and shake hands, go to the networking events and reach out to people you want to work with. Whats the worst they can say? No?  So what!! Move on to the next thing.  You don't know whats out there till you look.  

reach for the stars