JamesC: re-invision of the brand

Much of what I do is consult work, this can be sourcing and advertising strategies for my overseas clients, working on the design concepts for a project, brand consults which vary from an article to product testing and reviews. 

Yesterday I was able to finally chat to one of my contacts in South Asia, its difficult with the time differences and schedules that both of us have. They are rebranding the company and I asked for more details and to be kept in the loop. 

Which led me to start thinking about the brand that is JamesC.  At one time my dream was to be a proper make up brand and have a brush line in particular but that has become something that has gone to the back burner.  

Now I want to be a little more in control of my work and develop in different directions, the market here in Scotland is small and has a large contingent of make up artists vying for work and setting up shop, literally and figuratively with salons dedicated to Bridal and special occasions, snapping up film and TV gigs with minimal experience in the field. Head of department with zero broadcast credits, really? 

Something I have found to be a good creative outlet is total management of shoots, being the creative director, photographer and make up artist.  Much of it is simple male grooming and basic art.  I enjoy, I control the look and development and build a story around it to create an editorial. 

The next phase of this is that I will put my collective work together in video showcase.  There is one video in the works but I want to really take 100% control again and direct it a little more.  

Developing the concept that started out as lost project and really build something strong and solid that showcases the work and designs. 

That is not to say I won't take on film and TV work, on the contrary I am looking for it.  However my terms are changing.  Lost Dream collective will be the principal managers and will be supporting me more and more with projects being developed. 

When it comes to projects I am a little sad at the lack of actual real business being done here and its driving me to look outside the Scottish market and possibly the UK.  

Every aspect of the creative and business side of what JamesC is about will change very soon and the creative drive that has been pushing me forward will be lined up with a new philosophy.

Keep watching for updates and brand reviews, exclusive images and the next phase of the JamesC business.    

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