kit for editorial

As many of you know I am taking a more permanent contract with the Lost Project, part of this means I will be putting time into creating speculative submissions for a variety of magazines.  The focus for the first two will be male grooming.  

quad pack kit

So I started putting together a nice little kit for my make up on this shoot, yes I have kept a huge variety of foundations in it but  it will just be transferred to a film soon after the shoots so its all preset to cover two shoots, all I need to add is my karity cosmetics palettes and I am good to go.  

One thing I have gotten filled to capacity and do love, is my quad pack from mykitco. 

Everything about my working kit is being downsized and made more compact for the work I am doing in the UK.  Simply because its less hassle to carry a large kit and planning is the key to working.  

I prefer working on location for most of my shoots when I am creative directing so its become a much more planned affair relying on the weather and of course the availability of my models.  

Something I am discussing is the potential of doing a new look book and a photo shoot focused around the Equilibrium brand alongside its founder Burhan Javid.