Kitstars makeup brushes

I am going to be doing some really interesting shoots, having done a Huge amount of research and planning for the next few months I am adding product placement into the videos and stills I shoot. 

One of the reasons I am planning for this is because I have been lucky with my work for the Trend prive and of course world fashion media and news team, this has allowed me to talk to a variety of brands and just last night I cleared out my makeup box, it was chock full of stock that was just gathering  dust alongside the new shiny products that I want to try out.  So I decided to clean house and have a fresh start of my makeup kit.  

One of the first of these brands to be covered will be Kitstars makeup brushes, a fantastically priced pro range of brushes that I personally think would make excellent additions to a working kit or for students starting out.  

Standouts (for me personally) are the base brush and the veil brush, of course, there are several others I fully intend to add but these are absolute standouts for me and the work I do. 

From there I will focus on a different brand for each shoot and do some non-exclusive brand placement simply because it is there to be done.