Learning moment

I have been a little stressed and tired the last few days, between the weather and organising the travel for my next big show is really wearing me out.  

So when I am approached by someone about assisting me in my work I am happy as this will relieve some of the tension on me and give me a chance to focus on other areas of the business.  So with this in mind I want to go over some ground rules for your approach. 

I am always astonished at the attitude that people come to the table with.  Lets clear up a few things: 

Realistically if I am working on a shoot or a film and you start making demands about how you will work for me, and lets be clear you do work for me, is insane. Would you do this to Pat Mcgrath?  Hell no!  So what gives you the right to do it to me? 

craft services and business

If your immediate instinct is to assume I am not hiring you because I think your competing with me from the get go and immediately throw down that I am Scared to work with you, then you are either egotistical or lack the confidence in your own abilities to do the necessary marketing  to get there.  

What I do is a craft I have earned and worked for, each job I get is through hard work and if I am offering you a place in my team and you feel the need to undermine that by self promoting (riding my coattails), and you tell me this you are not going to get hired.  

Lets break this down: 

  • You are asking to assist on other work this means you are there to support the lead (in this case me) with a job. 

  • You are not there to promote yourself and sell your skills by undercutting the rates.  If you do not know what I am being paid, or if you are getting above the national living wage for what you are doing then why would you undercut that? 

  • You are not competition to me.  Your skill set is different and I am working on a project that required extra support that means you are employed by me to support my work not to sell yourself and try and build your business.  If you are good as an assistant, do your job then I will be happy to give you business when I can't take it myself. 

  • If you tell me your too busy to shoot in Scotland why would I then take you with me to a job overseas?  You cannot pick and choose what work you are offered to suit your desires for a holiday.  This is business.  

Why would you jeopardise that by undercutting, gossiping and sneering.