LFW planning

I am sitting this morning with my coffee and working through the ideas for being backstage at The House of iKons show on the 17th of February.  

Since I will be there as a the male grooming artist and representing the magazine as beauty editor I want to plan the article before I go, start out making notes (I can do this because I know how this show runs, I have done many, many fashion events).   I want to capture the essence of the show and the energy of the event and show something slightly different. 

office moments

Of course I will be talking to the designers and meeting with the brands I have already talked about as well.  Its going to be a hectic day with a lot to do so planning will be a must, with of course a little flexibility because thats how things go. 

One of the key elements I am looking forward to is being able to meet people in person and work on something fresh, another major part is I want to do some pr for myself.  Of course. 

House of iKons is one of the premiere shows held during LFW and its been two years since I last did the show and I want to make the most of it. 

In addition to the iKons show I will be meeting some LFW official designers and doing "coffee with....." articles that I am really excited about putting across to Trend prive and world fashion media and news.