new project with Lost Dreams Collective

It has been on the cards for a while and we are now pushing through with the proposed plans.  As creative Director of the Lost Dreams Collective we have been working with World fashion news and media to create brand profiles and some interesting editorials for the online magazine, now its time to step into a new arena. 

For the next 6 weeks we will focus on brands, reviewing and looking at companies such as yaby cosmetics, zoeva and a selection of make up brush companies focusing on creating some buzz for them and will be holding back our editorials to create something special that will be exclusive to the Lost Dreams website. 

The lost project. Volume one.   

This will be a big undertaking and collectively we are excited, casting will be done very soon and the whole thing will be split into two categories.  Our lead and cover shot will be a surprise entry. 

Category one will be fashion, category two will be film/TV with a little characterization thrown into the mix.  

While we still want to do videos, we are putting that on hold till the new year and debate is underway on what project should be first.  Focus will be on the edgier more thriller based projects we have all lined up, its now a matter of choosing the starting point. 

In the near future videos in that include behind the scenes style will be rethought and put together differently, taking them on a more commercial journey and telling more of a story.  

We love the brands we have and will of course open the door to new people and want to hear from companies who would like to work with both JamesC make up artist and of course the Lost Dreams Collective as brand sponsor or partner for future projects.