makethemake brushes

As many people know I am a huge brush fan and do have promo codes for some of the brands and have openly talked about pro brushes several times.  When I found makethemake brushes I just had to do a piece on them for trend prive

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to talk about the brands I do and when the brands are happy I know I have done my job right.  

makethemake blush brush

Makethemake sent me 2 full sets of the brushes and they are divine.  I do a lot of very specialized commercial work in particular male grooming.  So these brushes are just a revelation and I will be very happy to use these on my next few projects and being able to focus on the skin which with my male models and actors its a major plus as they prefer something more natural which is what makethemake is all about.  

A big thank you goes out to who kindly supported the article and provided the images as well as a wonderful PR package that I have to say was an absolute dream thank you gift I could not ask for more from a brand.  Such an amazing team and a revelation of a brand.