Making choices

When it comes to my business I am a really hard line person about what I will do and how I will work.  Sometimes that can be seen as arrogant but I am just being realistic and working to parameters that suit me. 

A prime example of this is a recent conversation with an event manager who wanted to recruit me (at a price to me of course) until I made it abundantly clear my position on pay to play work.  

stop and think

I do not pay to work, you want me, you pay me.  Simple.  

We all need to start working on our worth.  I am happy to negotiate but let's be really clear about this.  I have been a makeup artist for 20 years, I work across the UK, Europe, and South Asia.  Why?  Because I earned it and I get booked on my skills. 

Your event or film is not my priority the money is.  

Now I appreciate everyone has to start somewhere and that your art is important to you but so should your business be.  Don't undercut or undervalue yourself.  End of.  

for the film and event people here is my take on getting it for free: 

OK, first of all, you cannot guarantee the support that you are being offered on paper is what you will get.  

Verify and check references, just because they can tell you a good story about their skills, doesn't mean they can carry it on the day. 

When you do the background checks and pay for the skills you get the 100% backing of the artist or team you are hiring.  

Eat a small loss at the beginning and gain it back in profits later.  

If we all worked smart then we would thrive in business.  Don't compete with others, compete with yourself.